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Indiana Group Formed

Share with friends in Indiana… Website: Facebook: (2952)

Top 10 Reasons to Vote NO on the At-Large Council Referendum…

10. Best of Both Approach / Balanced representation (5 council members from districts/4 At large inclusive of the Mayor) Vs. current At Large system where all 9 Councilmen could come from the same household. Today, there is no city council member that resides in one south Naperville district. 9. Enhanced talent pool of candidates 8. Increased community participation 7. Lower election costs for candidate, voters and businesses 6. Current At Large make up does not adequately represent our population/demographics 5. Districts help facilitate the composition of the City Council to better reflect Naperville’s 50% female and 25% minority population as seen on District School Boards 4. National League of Cities […]

Rockford IL Group Exposes the Meters

A new group similar to NSMA is forming in Rockford, IL, the 3rd such group to form in Illinois.  For more information see their newly created website (3505)

Contributions to Kim and Jennifer for their Legal Funds

(Updated 2/25/2013) February 2013:  NSMA volunteers and its supporters stand behind Jennifer Stahl and Kim Bendis, arrested on private property. Many supporters  have asked how to help Kim and Jen in the recent weeks since their unjust arrests. Their attorney expenses to defend their innocence are expected to be high.  Send your contributions to their legal funds in care of NSMA.  Checks need to be made out to each of them individually.  Donations to NSMA cannot be used by Jennifer and Kim for their personal benefit. Jennifer Stahl -or- Kim Bendis, c/o NSMA, 1427 Westglen Dr., Naperville, IL 60565 -OR- use a credit card on PayPal using the following email […]

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