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What You Can Do
Through a review of the US Energy Policy Act of 2005, the act only issues policy, not mandates, on smart meters.  AMI (a.k.a. Smart Meters) is optional and though it is endorsed by the U.S. government, it is not mandatory, it is a CHOICE.   (These comments are a summary of an individual review of these policies and is not legal advice.)

There many things that you can do to prevent the meter from being installed on your property and to have your voice heard.  The city will only respond to our call to action if public commentary is significant.  We have organized action items below.  This can be applied in your area if you are not in Naperville.

Please note that NSMA cannot advise whether or not to do any of the following.  Each homeowner must make this decision after considering and accepting responsibility for any ramifications.

1)  Send the utility a Letter stating you do not consent: 

Use the latest letter recommended by Take Back Your Power:  http://www.takebackyourpower.net/solutions/


2)  Verbally Refuse:  Tell installers that you do not want the meter to be installed and you do not want them on your property.   Here’s how….NSMA Refusal Suggestions 04-19-2012


3)  Lock your fence and your other property:  Homeowners in our community and around the country are locking their fences with bike locks and chains when the meter is located in the back yard.

Meter boxes, the piece that holds the meter, is your property.  They’re also known as sockets or pedestals.  Usually, the pedestal has to be opened for the meter to be exchanged.  Everything BUT the meter belongs to you and you have every right to safely secure it.  This webpage is particularly helpful in finding a way to secure your pedestal so that it can’t be opened without your permission.


4)  Give your dog fresh air:   Smart Meter installers and postal service workers are a lot alike – they do not like dogs that may be aggressive.  Give your dog fresh air in front of your electric meter.


5)  Make a Financial donation to our non-profit organization.  Even a $10 donation will help offset our legal costs.  See our Donate page for more details or click here:


6)  POST POST POST Your NO CONSENT.  Apply a “DO NOT INSTALL SMART METER” Hang Tag on your electrical box.  Photograph the meter with the tag applied for your records. This website has good quality stickers for a reasonable price.

Post “Do Not Install” Notice to Front Door, ideally INSIDE your window:

Full Page:  DoNotInstallSign       OR       4 on a page (Cut and Share):  NSMA-MiniSign-4-UP

PLEASE NOTE:  The some installers have been instructed to IGNORE ALL SIGNS.  These signs may not divert an installer.  Nonetheless, you should clearly post your notices of no consent.

Post “No Trespassing” Signs:   Homeowners in our community and around the country are reiterating their rights to protect their property by posting a NO TRESPASSING sign clearly near your meter, in their yards, on their fences and/or front doors.

Request Proof of Insurance:  Require the installer to provide proof of insurance guaranteeing that you have no liability if someone is hurt when installing the meter.

Record the visit to your home:  Record the interaction between yourself and the installer.  Verbally state that you refuse the installation and ask the installer to leave.  Document the truck number, license plate, and all interactions with the installer, including date, time and location, to have a record of your refusal.   Take detailed notes.

REMINDER NSMA cannot advise whether or not to do any of the items on this page.  Each homeowner must make this decision after considering and accepting responsibility for any ramifications.

7)  FACEBOOK:  “Like” our Facebook page:  Naperville-Smart-Meter-Awareness and share it with all your FB friends, asking them to “Like” it too.  These Facebook pages are the best ones to track:

Smart Grid Awareness

Take Back Your Power

Share your thoughts on the City of Naperville’s Facebook page

8)  Write your Homeowners Association.  Provide them with information from Take Back Your Power’s website. Consider taking out an ad in your HOA Newsletter.

9)  NAPERVILLE:  Send emails  or letters expressing your sentiments to the Mayor, City Council, and the City Manager Douglas Krieger:

mayor@naperville.il.us, brodheadj@naperville.il.us, fieselerr@naperville.il.us, hinterlongp@naperville.il.us , kraused@naperville.il.us, wentzd@naperville.il.us, wehrlig@naperville.il.us, mcelroyj@naperville.il.us, ChiricoS@naperville.il.us, kriegerd@naperville.il.us

Council Members:
Bob Fieseler   (630) 417-7553  cell    Steering Committee Member

Grant Wherli   (630) 305-5331    Steering Committee Member

Mayor George Pradel   (630) 420-6018

Judy Brodhead   (630) 305-5335

Steve Chirico   (630) 305-5336

Paul Hinterlong   (630) 305-5362

Doug Krause   (630) 305-5332

Joe McElroy   (630) 305-5334

City manager Doug Krieger:    (630) 420-6044

Electric Utility Director Mark Curran:    (630) 420-6131


10) Contact the press.  Or write a letter to the editor…

Trib Local: mjenco@tribune.com

The Patch: lorraine.swanson@patch.com

Naperville Sun: hbeck1997@yahoo.com

Daily Herald: jkmitch@dailyherald.com

Others:  Pmurphy2@tribune.com, gfsmith@tribune.comRsmith@dailyherald.com, jgriffin@dailyherald.com, gphilbin@ilenviro.org, kmachak@nctv17.com, west@scn1.net, dcassidy@stmedianetwork.com, bill.mego@sbcglobal.net, mrakoczy@tribune.com, westsuburbanliving@sbcglobal.net


11)  Report Health Problems:  If you have been injured by the radiation emissions from Smart Meters (a.k.a. AMR or AMI electric, gas, or water utility meters), or any other EMF or wireless device, please complain to the FDA.  Click on the following link, download the form, and mail it to the FDA.  The mailing address is on the form.


For products and information on how to protect your health from EMF and RF radiation:

Shop EMF Meters & Shielding (7354)

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