2/21/2020 Tom Glass passes unexpectedly.

It is with great sadness that we mourn the sudden passing of one of the founding members of Naperville Smart Meter Awareness. Tom Glass was a courageous leader in the fight to preserve our rights in the face of overwhelming odds.

Tom was willing to do more than just complain; he was a tireless activist. He helped to start the Naperville Smart Meter Awareness organization, spoke truth to power at numerous city council meetings and was a candidate for Naperville City Councilman himself.

Please include Tom and his family in your prayers.

For more information go here.


10/12/2019 5G Issues page added to our site.

Many of the issues associated with smart meters are similar with 5G wireless technology. So, we added a page to share news we receive on this topic.


5/17/2019 If you are concerned about 5G health effects:

An event by stop5gchicago is being held on

Tuesday 5/21/2019 from 6:30-8:30pm 

@  115 Bourbon Street  3359 W 115th Street  Merrionette Park Il  60803 

Expert speakers will be there from the Environmental Health Trust to discuss 5G with peer-reviewed studies on health effects and EMF safety.


8/16/2018 Results of Appeal available.

See our Homepage & Federal Lawsuit page for details.

4/7/18: Listen to Appeals Court arguments using the link below:


4/7/18: Lots of new information on the Health page.

Scroll down to our April 2018 update section

2/22/18: NSMA's appeal to the 7th Circuit court will be heard!

Attorney David Gulbransen will be arguing for NSMA.

Please come to show your support.

Argument set for

Tuesday, March 27, 2018,
9:30 a.m.
Main Courtroom
Room 2721

Everett McKinley Dirksen
United States Courthouse
219 S. Dearborn Street in Chicago

Each side limited to 15 minutes.

There may also be questioning of attorneys by the court.

12/18/17: A new organization of medical doctors and other health professionals has been formed with a focus on wireless technology issues. Click here to go to the Physicians for Safe Technology website.


11/21/17: See new information on our Health page regarding a new scientific study on the reality of EMF sensitivity in humans.



Thanks for the many small donors who have been providing financial support for the lawsuit. Every donation helps and is greatly appreciated!


4/18/17: The IoT (Internet of Things) is coming. This is what is now called "5G".

Go to to learn more about what it is and what you can do about it.


4/10/17: Retiring Dr. Olle Johansson has released his early work in electronic format.

Go to the Health page for more information and to see the documents.

From Dr. Johansson's email:

As you know, in these and others papers, we did find very important alterations and effects, in conjunction with such artificial EMFs and corresponding gadgets and equipments, so soon the official funding was reduced, finally to be entirely stopped, and never to occur again. (emphasis added)

4/8/17: The Electronic Frontier Foundation wrote an article about us and our civil rights law suit.

Here is the link.


3/17/17: New video added to our Privacy page.

New video added from a company that sells software specifically for taking YOUR PERSONAL ELECTRIC USE INFORMATION to create a profile of who you are, ready to sell on the open market.


3/1/17: EFF and PI joins NSMA in federal lawsuit.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation and Privacy International have joined NSMA in our federal lawsuit. See the update on our Federal Lawsuit page.


2/23/17: We Are The Evidence

If you suffer from a physical reaction to wireless technology, you are not crazy. An organization called We Are The Evidence is ramping up the fight to get your pain recognized as real. It is not just "all in your head."

They can be found at WEARETHEEVIDENCE.ORG .




A new documentary about wireless health hazards is nearing completion.

"This is a solution oriented doc investigating health risks associated with wireless technology & what the FCC doesn't want you to know! "

If you want to help get it finished, visit the KICKSTARTER site to learn more.


10/28/16: ---Federal Lawsuit Update---

The lower federal court denied NSMA its day in court and ruled against our case without even allowing for normal discovery and depositions. As a result, we have filed an appeal with the 7th Circuit Court.



The evidence continues to pile up.

US National Toxicology Program (NTP) - the US Federal Government - has just released findings from a very important study.

They found "...malignant gliomas in the brain and schwannomas of the heart..." as a result of exposure to cell phone frequencies.


Here is the link to the partial findings report.

Remember, cellphones, cordless phones, baby monitors, WIFI and SMART METERS all share this frequency band.

This is why so many people have been warning us that the FCC guidelines are NOT sufficient to protect the public.

FCC guidelines ONLY cover thermal effects (tissue heating), NOT the non-thermal effects (non-ionizing radiation).



Cell phone (and Smart Meter) signals ARE dangerous- new study concludes.

The dangers inherent in the frequencies used by cell phones, smart meters, wireless phones, baby monitors, wifi routers, etc. have been exposed by another recent study.

See the news report here.

The non-ionizing radiation (meaning it does not heat tissue) is repeatedly being reported as dangerous to humans - ESPECIALLY CHILDREN.

This is NOT "tin foil hat" craziness. These are legitimate scientists and researchers reporting.



Updates to our website:

See two new documents on our Health page about the neurological effects of radio frequency sickness.

Also, new links on our Background page.




Attorney General Urges Consumers to Understand Smart Meter Data, its Benefits and Potential Pitfalls

Link to AG site here.   Fact sheet here.
ABC 7 News report here.

Note that Illinois law MANDATES the use of smart meters. The law was passed by the legislature and VETOED by Governor Pat Quinn. The legislature then OVERTURNED the veto!

ALSO: See the new video we just added to the Privacy page.

Great explanation of how the smart meter data CAN show exactly what is going on in your home (including WHAT PROGRAM you are watching on TV) and how the meter CAN BE HACKED.



Cell phone retailers in Berkeley are now required to post or hand out fliers warning customers of possible radiation exposure from the mobile devices.

All devices using this frequency range - cell phones, WIFI, smart meters, cordless phones, baby monitors, etc. may be dangerous. Link here.



The Naperville Sun has broken a story that now our water meters are to be "smart meters" as well !  

"Naperville will begin retrofitting homes with electronic "smart" water meters this year, with a goal of replacing 4,000 every year until all of the
analog water meters are gone."
  Link here.   

Looks like they think sneaking them in at 4,000 per year will avoid the problems they had implementing the electric meter.

Still, one has to ask -

From where will the money come for all this new hardware? The Water Department is already tapped out propping up the Electric Department !



WHOOPS!  Has the Naperville City Council severely underestimated the physical harm Smart Meters can do?

A new TEDx presentation by Jeromy Johnson - a Silicon Valley eingineer - explores the growing body of scientific evidence that we need to consider limiting use of wireless devices and finding alternative technologies where possible. Link here. (About 15 minutes)



If you listen, they TELL YOU they will spy on you through "smart" devices- including the electric meter.

James Clapper did not name specific agency as being involved in surveillance via smart-home devices but said in congressional testimony it is a distinct possibility. Link here.



Hackers disable power grid in Ukraine.

" was targeting NATO, energy sector firms and U.S. academic institutions as well as government organizations in Ukraine, Poland and Western Europe." Link here.

Remember, your Smart Meter is a wireless hacker's entry point. Naperville has installed about 57,000 of them.



Did the CDC succumb to industry pressure about cell phone/smart meter/wifi frequencies? They have pulled the same warnings given by nations around the world.

Link here.



Foreign Hackers Infiltrate US Power Grid. 

"Smart meters – which nearly 50% of Americans use to measure electricity usage for their homes – are also vulnerable to hacking."

Article here.



An interview with a Plaintiff in a Canadian lawsuit. Take note at the 11:30 mark where they discuss flaws in ILLINOIS smart WATER meters over-billing customers.

Here is their website:



Another lawsuit filed against Naperville's electric utility. This time for software royalty violation. See the Naperville Sun article. (Article is behind pay wall.)

The city of Naperville could be liable for unspecified financial "royalties" a Florida-based company contends it is owed in the wake of the city's installation of its "smart meter" utility system.

The owners of Miami-based Atlas IP maintain they patented the way in which a smart meter "hub" controls communications between the "remotes" installed at residences and businesses in the network, said George C. Summerfield, of the Stadheim & Grear Ltd. Law firm of Chicago, which represents the company.

Atlas filed suit Monday in U.S. District Court in Chicago against Naperville and its department of public utilities, the latter of which "provides the municipality's electric utility infrastructure," according to the six-page civil lawsuit........