The City of Naperville, IL owns its own electric utility. The City Council acts as the Board of Directors. Several years ago, they decided to "upgrade" the electric meters by replacing them all with what are known as "smart meters."

Along the way they have:

  • harassed and falsely arrested members of our organization.
  • failed to follow requirements for informing ratepayers and getting community input.
  • conspired to illegally block our organization from getting a referendum added to an election ballot.
  • violated the Illinois Open Meetings Act.
  • failed to follow the Naperville Municipal Code regarding private property rights.

To fund the program, they incurred approximately $11 million in long term debt as well as accepting another $11 million from a federal ARRA grant.

Naperville Smart Meter Awareness is a grass-roots organization of Naperville citizens. Because of the controversy surrounding the use of these meters, we have been working to inform people about the facts and fighting for informed consent of the use of these devices on our homes. Because of the City Council's refusal to allow the same opt-outs offered by numerous utilities across the nation, we have been forced to file suit in United States Federal Court.  Updates on the case can be found on our Federal Lawsuit page.